Visual Storytelling

When thoughts become clear pictures in the mind, the dialog begins. Visual storytelling can support your work with concepts, arguments and strategies. Abstract things will become tangible and concrete. It is a method to build bridges and give creativity wings. Whether in trainings, workshop presentations, designs of informative material or graphic recording – with my visual storytelling I will help you to reach your targets quickly and bring more goal-orientation into your communication.


Spread the good mood!

NASA has been studying the optimal crew composition for the next Mars mission. Allow me to introduce the role of the ‘Jokester’ who determines success or defeat. He or she keeps the band of merry men and women together and the spirits high in an otherwise cold and dark place. With the use of humour your comrades will follow you anywhere!

(check Jeff Johnsons to learn more)

Concept Sketches

Tell your story!

If your good idea doesn't ignite with colleagues, you can give them gripping, clear images to help bring them onto the same page. Show the shortcomings and pitfalls, the journey, and the solution. Outline features of the project and illustrate the benefits! This will bring your strategies, customer journeys and ‘moonshot’ ideas to life.  I'll help you draw a compelling narrative.

Graphic Recording

Boost your minutes!

Your audience has sat through eight hours of continuous lectures, and nothing has stuck? It’s not your fault - there's just too much important information! Illustrated memos help you keep track of the essentials and bring everyone up to speed. You don't have to do it yourself. I'll record your presentations, discussions and workshops with graphic recording.


Projects highlights: AOK Bayern, Führungsakademie der Bundeswehr, Competence-on-top GmbH, Daimler AG, Debeka, Dialogum GmbH, Digitale Helden, Freudenberg Gruppe, Hochschule Koblenz, IABG mbH, ISSO, Lufthansa Gruppe, Lubberich GmbH Dental-Labor, Open Advice GmbH, Tools for Innovators, Universität Koblenz